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Friday, July 4, 2008

Summer Dreamin...

Okay so this has been a week of major fiber indulgence. Last Saturday my birthday spoils included a Lendrum DT complete set, in addition to some lovely bamboo and corriedale fibers.

I also snagged some raw fibre for $2!! It was quite dirty and has a lot of VM that I am still working through but it started like this

and when cleaned up looks like this

It is soft and fluffy and I can hardly wait to spin it.

This is some stuff that came off my wheel this week:

And my knitting has been taking a backseat but I did finish my first spring Ahead sock and working on the heel flap of my second.

I also got my first package from my Summer of Yarn swap pal that contained two lovely skeins of deep blue malabrigo - yummy! Thanks swap pal! I hope I am not too hard to shop for - right now my desires seem to be drawn towards spinning - although sock yarn still has a dear place in my heart ;)

For the Summer Memory contest: I am currently making what will be some of my most treasured summer memories. I am spending the summer at home with my daughter and these long, lazy days just sitting in the backyard watching her play while I knit or spin or prep fibre could not be more perfect. I feel so lucky and blessed to able to have this time with her and be a part of her growing up.

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sunt_lacrimae_rerum said...

I love your socks! And I wish you a happy belated birthday. What lovely work you do.

from another "Summer of Yarn-er"