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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The spinning madness continues...

and yes my knitting has been languishing...a bit.

Here is my half done Noro scarf -just so it looks like I have still been knitting ;)

Here is some stuff that has come of my wheel this week:

2-ply alpaca merino fingering weight - this stuff was dreamy to spin. I am looking forward to the alpaca fleeces I have on their way to me.

Some stuff from exclusivelylindalee: pima cotton in "sunflowers" and a mixed batt of Merino, Tencel, Blue Face Leicester, and Corriedale called "Mojave Nights". The pima cotton was very difficult to draft evenly but the end product is still very pretty.

The mixed batt was my first time spinning from a batt and it was interesting working out a good pre-draft to include the mix of colors I wanted.

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