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Friday, June 15, 2007

Yarn sale - uh oh......

Okay so I told myself I would be on a yarn diet until June 24 when I leave on holidays (and also happens to be my birthday week) - double the excuse to go on a yarn buying binge when my not-so-LYS will be having its annual summer solstice sale.

But then knitpicks AND my LYS decide to have sales and well you see the damage done (my KP order is on it's way). I picked up some WofA from KP to try my first big person sweater. I have made many baby sweaters but have not yet tried one for myself so I am really looking forward to this - and decided the $1.59/ball price tag meant it would be okay if it wasn't a stellar result.

Above are four balls of Lily Chin Chelsea (3 green/1pink) which I LOVE for summer tops, and four balls of Regia. I have never tried Regia but have heard good things and at less than 5 bucks a ball I picked up enough for two pairs of socks.

I also picked up a nifty little sock project bag. I love because it's got a cute pattern but is still clear so I can see what's in it - and it comes with a little matching accessory pouch.
I cast on some Tofutsies with my new Lantern Moon sox stix and I have to say I love both! It is the Cookie A pattern Flicker. PURTY!
Here is a pair of socks I cast on for my DH out of the grey Regia - he prefers solid colors and with all the handpainted stuff I am normally drawn to - this is the first sock yarn he actually said he might wear socks from! It is a modified version of the Thuja pattern from Knitty. I made the DPN stitch holders myself - cute eh?!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wowee! TGIF indeed!!

Look what wonderful goodies came for me on Friday! Some wonderful surpises from my HSKS partner including:

- a beautiful skein of Ravenclaw yarn from Cosmic fibers
- the most creative little knit bag that I love!!
- two awesome sock patterns from Cookie A.
- scumptious chocolate treats (love the koala and platypus!!)
- some adorable stitch markers
- and the OMG!!! rosewood Lantern Sox Stix (which already have some socks on them!)

Everything came carefullu wrapped in Ravenclaw themed blue tissue paper with silver stars. I can't tell you what amazing care and attention my swap partner put into this package and it all came from Australia. What a cool swap - I definitely think I will be signing up for the next one.
On a side note, I also got some Koigu and Mountain Colors Bearfoot in the mail that I bought off someone destashing. Never tried koigu so I am excited and the Bearfoot colorway is absolutely ME!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Long overdue update

Sorry, life has been chaotic and my laptop was struck down with several viruses that have taken some time for DH to undo.

Meanwhile, a few new projects on the needles and a few things on frog pond...I started the fluffy bolero from Erika Knight's Simple Knits for Little Cherubs. I am making it out of some stash yarn that I got at a boxing day sale last year - Philar eponge. I must say I love the soft, cushy feel of the fabric when knit up but it really is not that much fun to knit with :( Still I think it will make an adorable bolero for my little munchkin.
Vestee from Knitty - made with Lionbrand Cottonease in Lake. So far I have finished the front and back panel. I think I will be making many more children's garments with this yarn. It knits up well and will hold up well to wash and wear. There is also a nice selection of colors.

I have frogged my STR Jaywalkers for the last time - the colors started to pool terribly after I finished the decreases for the foot - so they are currently on a time out until I decide what to do with this yarn. They are diabolically opposed to becoming Jaywalkers.

I also frogged my clapotis for the third time - I keep making a mistake in the increase section. I have now printed a spreadsheet that should hopefully help me with my stitch counts. This I will tackle again when I am ready.
Also snagged an amazing deal on some books at amazon! Got all of these for $27 including shipping to Canada!!! They were some sort of special package deal and I am sooooooo happy. I have wanted LMKG for ages and keep renewing it from the library. I also love the pictures and projects from the other two and cannot believe I was able to snag these at such a great price.

My HSKS swap kit is all ready to go EXCEPT that the sock yarn I bought is on backorder. I am going to wait another week before possibly just trying to find some at a LYS.