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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

FO Satisfaction

Mr. Greenjeans is done - ends need to be woven in and needs blocking. Overall I am happy with it. The fit is baggier than I would like but it will still make a nice cozy sweater for the fall/winter. For my first sweater I am very happy with it.

Also finally finished my Spring Forward socks - love the pattern and will probably make them again. The repeat is easy to memorize but not boring and looks pretty cute!

In spinning news, I worked up some yummy Fleece Artist merino that I got from the fiber fest:

and made this

And in the mail this week I got my Ravelry organic cotton tote. It is so cute and perfect for holding my spinning fibers - and yes I also got a whole bunch of fiber as well that it is currently stuffed full of. Right now I am working up some corrie pencil roving from Crown Mountain Farms.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The spinning madness continues...

and yes my knitting has been languishing...a bit.

Here is my half done Noro scarf -just so it looks like I have still been knitting ;)

Here is some stuff that has come of my wheel this week:

2-ply alpaca merino fingering weight - this stuff was dreamy to spin. I am looking forward to the alpaca fleeces I have on their way to me.

Some stuff from exclusivelylindalee: pima cotton in "sunflowers" and a mixed batt of Merino, Tencel, Blue Face Leicester, and Corriedale called "Mojave Nights". The pima cotton was very difficult to draft evenly but the end product is still very pretty.

The mixed batt was my first time spinning from a batt and it was interesting working out a good pre-draft to include the mix of colors I wanted.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Summer Dreamin...

Okay so this has been a week of major fiber indulgence. Last Saturday my birthday spoils included a Lendrum DT complete set, in addition to some lovely bamboo and corriedale fibers.

I also snagged some raw fibre for $2!! It was quite dirty and has a lot of VM that I am still working through but it started like this

and when cleaned up looks like this

It is soft and fluffy and I can hardly wait to spin it.

This is some stuff that came off my wheel this week:

And my knitting has been taking a backseat but I did finish my first spring Ahead sock and working on the heel flap of my second.

I also got my first package from my Summer of Yarn swap pal that contained two lovely skeins of deep blue malabrigo - yummy! Thanks swap pal! I hope I am not too hard to shop for - right now my desires seem to be drawn towards spinning - although sock yarn still has a dear place in my heart ;)

For the Summer Memory contest: I am currently making what will be some of my most treasured summer memories. I am spending the summer at home with my daughter and these long, lazy days just sitting in the backyard watching her play while I knit or spin or prep fibre could not be more perfect. I feel so lucky and blessed to able to have this time with her and be a part of her growing up.