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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

FO Satisfaction

Mr. Greenjeans is done - ends need to be woven in and needs blocking. Overall I am happy with it. The fit is baggier than I would like but it will still make a nice cozy sweater for the fall/winter. For my first sweater I am very happy with it.

Also finally finished my Spring Forward socks - love the pattern and will probably make them again. The repeat is easy to memorize but not boring and looks pretty cute!

In spinning news, I worked up some yummy Fleece Artist merino that I got from the fiber fest:

and made this

And in the mail this week I got my Ravelry organic cotton tote. It is so cute and perfect for holding my spinning fibers - and yes I also got a whole bunch of fiber as well that it is currently stuffed full of. Right now I am working up some corrie pencil roving from Crown Mountain Farms.

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Myownigloo said...

I'm so impressed. Your FIRST sweater? Between that and the socks that so totally match, you knit like a seasoned veteran!