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Monday, September 24, 2007

The cure for crankypants Mondays.....

is an AWESOME secret pal!!!

Check out what a wonderful little package she put together for me. I think the malabrigo wants to mittens. And I think I need to cast on some new socks!! Oh and what beautiful beeswax candles in my favorite color. As well as the cutest little tissues with sheepies on them and some small packets of Eucalan. Too thoughtful isn't she?

I have been having the crankiest Monday - was out of town for the weekend, got home late last night, and feeling overwhelmed at home and at school. I know I was terribly cranky to my students today but I swear they were after my last nerve!!! But to come home and find this package really cheered me up. It's so nice to think some sweet person out there picked these things out thinking of me :)

So I guess I also owe a WIP - I cast on some malabrigo I had been saving for the cute little Foliage hat from the latest Knitty. It has just been waiting to be something special like this.
And some self-indulgence this weekend. A visit to two not-so-LYS in Calgary - picked up some koigu at Pudding Yarns (the only place I have ever seen koigu in person so really I felt obligated) and some Trekking in a colorway that just called to me at Make1Yarns. Make1 is my usual haunt when I go to Calgary. It was my first time at Pudding Yarns and it really is a cute little shop!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Too tied to knit?

I know - hard to believe. But ever since school started I have been exhausted just trying to keep up with things at work and at home. My new school is almost an hour commute each way which means getting up at 5:30 in the morning - which would not be so bad if I wasn't getting up 2-3 times a night for my little munchkin who is laso still adjusting to our new routine of early mornings.
Add to that the fact that my DH has been out of town this week.

So at the end of the day, after getting home, having dinner, and putting my munchkin to bed, I briefly ponder knitting, and then collapse into bed - sore and exhausted from my long and crazy day.

Okay, whine-fest is over. I will try to post pics this weekend of some of my WIPs and one FO that needs to be felted. Until then all you (zero) blog readers will have to wait ;)