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Friday, August 15, 2008

On sock hiatus

I was away on holidays for a week and then needed a week to recover. While I agonized over what knitting to bring I did very little knitting - I was waaaaaay too exhausted chasing after my two year old all day in Disneyland.

Anyways, I have some major knitting mojo since getting back and while setting aside socks for awhile I have made some awesome progress on other projects. I finished my Lu sweater/wrap and LOVE IT. Already know I will make another one in a different yarn
I have also started a Knitting Pure and Simple children's bolero in 100purewool 'Hardly' colorway.
And still chugging away on my sea silk Montego Bay scarfIn spinning news, I got some lovely rovings from my Summer of Yarn Love swap pal and have my first bobbin of Crown Mountain Farms Corriedale pencil roving (Dance of the Dervish) done. It is the first of three as I attempt my very first 3-ply sock yarn.

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